Soundsetter develops headphones that can also be used as speakers. Whenever, wherever you want.

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What we do

Hi, we are Soundsetter, an audio technology startup that develops headphones that can also be used as speakers. Simply fold them up and you are able to share your music at any time! By combining headphones and docking speakers into only one product, soundsetter lets you never miss a chance to enjoy music together.


- combining classic design with premium materials
- wood and metal instead of plastic
- uniting two products into one


- environmentally designed
- made in Germany
- social lifestyle
- underdog status


- rich soundquality
- bluetooth connection
- integrated microphone

Unique features

- transformable to speakers
- social-sharing features: connect with other soundsetters in every situation

Design and materials

Soundsetter combines classic design with premium materials. Well crafted headphones using wood and metal components reflect our passion for high quality and our thoughts for the owners every day experience. By using well selected materials we push our understanding for a beautiful design and we can manipulate the feeling for a rich sound.


Just by flipping the Soundsetters up you can change from headphones to speakers. This gives you the opportunity of sharing your music with the people around you. 


Using contemporary technologies soundsetter enhances your everyday music experience. Via Bluetooth you can connect with other Soundsetters both in headphone mode and in speaker mode.


The people who create the Soundsetter vision are a team consisting of three engineers with competencies in different fields supported by our other team members focusing on business and design.

Congregating first at "5 EURO Start Up" at LMU the idea of Soundsetter was born and with changes within the team and admittance in the Lab year 15/16 of the LMU Entrepreneurship Center the idea developed further.

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