Our Solution

Every patient is given a small smart bracelet, which has a heart rate, sleep and step monitoring function and is connected via a secured WiFi Network. The nurses are able to see a live monitoring of the data eg. the heart rate. They can use an iPad to get a live monitoring or access old data of even single patient and don't have to walk to every single room during the night. This saves a lot of time - so there is more time for the nurses to actually take care of the patients, because of less time consuming routine check ups.

Our Concept

EmBrace offers a complete health monitoring system for doctors and nurses. Using a smart bracelet for every patient in a hospital or nursing home, it is possible to keep track of all health data without walking from door to door.

Our Vision

EmBrace is trying to use new technology to impove the healthcare system. Our vision is to increase peoples quality of life and provide more safety for people in need.


Thank you for your interest! This product is a work in progress and if you leave your email we will keep you updated.

Monitor Health Data